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Speak for Animals Lends a Voice to Animals

Each year, Prime Realty partners with a local organization. For 2023, we are proud to announce we will be partnering with Speak for Animals!

Speak for Animals was founded in 2003 by Susan Bufano. Her right-hand woman is Lindsey Deon, who has been involved with SFA for 8 years. We can’t wait to dish more details about all the amazing things SFA has done, and all what we plan to do together in 2023.

Our newest Prime Purpose partner will benefit because Prime agents willingly donate proceeds from each of their transactions, and Prime Realty matches it. The decision to partner with SFA was easy since our office is full of animal lovers and because we had a Prime agent (Erin Halperin) encourage the partnership after having been a volunteer with SFA for years.

Who is Speak for Animals?

Speak for Animal’s mission is to reduce financial barriers for pet owners that want to spay/neuter by offering low-cost services. When you complete an application, you will receive a voucher to make an appointment with one of SFA’s partner vets. Please be aware that veterinarians are backed up right now and make sure you make an appointment ASAP.

SFA accomplishes their mission through:

  • Low-Cost Spay and Neuter programs
  • Partnerships with dedicated veterinarians
  • Community Outreach, Advocacy, and Education
  • Planning and collaborating with animal welfare organizations
  • Aid with veterinary care through our Pickle Fund
  • Advocating a compassionate lifestyle

What is SFA?

Their goal is to help animals primarily through spay/neuter and vet care. SFA is different from local animal rescue groups in town since they mainly act as a resource coordinator for individuals and organizations alike. We had the opportunity to speak with the founders and after gaining their valuable insight, it is evident that SFA’s focus is to provide care to those animals that need it the most.

Our Programs

Fix-A-Feline (Friendly Cats)

Fix-A-Pit (Pit Bull/Pit Bull Mixes)

Government Assistance Client (Proof of Assistance required)

Feral (Wild) Community (Cat Program)

Our Services


Speak for Animals believes the best way to combat overpopulation is by providing spay/neuter procedures. When you donate, your gift could mean the difference of life for the cat on the street that’s having litter after litter. Or the dog that can finally calm down and lose interest in roaming about once it’s neutered. “Thank you for taking a stake in improving the health and happiness of dogs and cats, while reducing suffering with your investment in Speak for Animals.”

The Pickle Fund

“The Pickle Fund was started in memory of a dog with cerebellar brain damage, who was rescued by Speak for Animals’ founder, Susan. When Pickle passed away, we started a fund to help dogs and cats “in a pickle” who need veterinary care due to the lack of resources in our area.”

Animals can’t speak for themselves! Please contact animal control to report animal cruelty.

Catch Up with Our Partner

Speak for Animals is an innovative 501(c)3 charitable organization operating in the Upstate responsible for tens of thousands of vulnerable animals receiving care through their programs for the last 20 years.

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