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Our Prime Purpose

Support Local

We support the people and the businesses that uphold our community.

Prime Realty values the community support and resources available to those in need which is how we became involved in community outreach. Prime Realty, at its inception, was created with the goal to help the members of the community. Devoting our time, energy, and resources to local, small non-profit organizations is the prime reason for how Prime Purpose came to fruition.

Prime Realty is a part of the network of businesses that want to support those that make a difference. Speak for Animals and Rebuild Upstate happen to be two nonprofit organizations that do just that. 

The members of Greenville, South Carolina have immense pride in supporting local businesses, being supportive towards members of their community, and in their attractions. In a community like Greenville’s, there are so many people and businesses that want to support their neighbors. As a firm, we step back each year to determine a local non-profit that we can put our energy and support towards. This year in 2023, we chose to include Speak for Animals. 

About Speak for Animals

Speak for Animals is lending a voice to save lives.

Speak for Animals was founded in 2003 by Susan Bufano. Her right-hand woman is Lindsey Deon, who has been involved with SFA for 8 years. We can’t wait to dish more details about all the amazing things SFA has done, and all what we plan to do together in 2023.

“Thank you for taking a stake in improving the health and happiness of dogs and cats, while reducing suffering with your investment in Speak for Animals.”

– Speak for Animals

SFA is different from local animal rescue groups in town since they mainly act as a resource coordinator for individuals and organizations alike. We had the opportunity to speak with the founders and after gaining their valuable insight, it is evident that SFA’s focus is to provide care to those animals in need.

Volunteer Outreach

Spay/Neuter Vouchers

TNR Assistance

Speak for Animal’s mission is to reduce financial barriers for pet owners that want to spay/neuter by offering low-cost services. When you complete an application, you will receive a voucher to make an appointment with one of SFA’s partner vets. Please be aware that veterinarians are backed up right now and make sure you make an appointment ASAP.  

SFA accomplishes their mission through:

  • Low-Cost Spay and Neuter programs
  • Partnerships with dedicated veterinarians
  • Community Outreach, Advocacy, and Education
  • Planning and collaborating with animal welfare organizations
  • Aid with veterinary care through our Pickle Fund
  • Advocating a compassionate lifestyle
About Rebuild Upstate

Rebuild Upstate is repairing homes and lifting lives.

Rebuild Upstate is proud to help vulnerable populations through our process. Vulnerable populations include veterans, older adults, people with disabilities, and families with children.

“Rebuild Upstate is honored to work collectively with Prime Realty to strengthen our community – one home and one family at a time.”

– Rebuild Upstate

Rebuild Upstate’s focus to preserve homes by utilizing local service providers and community volunteer groups is like our mission at Prime Realty. Through our Prime Purpose initiative, we can rally volunteers, sponsor events, and deliver local resources and service providers to our community partners, Rebuild Upstate and Speak for Animals.

Rebuild Upstate’s mission is to retain homeownership to build generational wealth for families located in South Carolina, specifically Oconee, Pickens, Anderson & Greenville County. Rebuild Upstate repairs the houses of our low-income neighbors to make homes safer, healthier, and more livable.

Since Rebuild Upstate is Prime Realty’s newest Prime Purpose partner, we thought posting before/after projects would be a great way to showcase Rebuild Upstate’s amazing efforts and accomplishments! This house belongs to a Marine Corps veteran who performed his own repairs before he no longer could due to the physical demand.

Join Our Prime Purpose

Join our efforts by supporting small, local non-profits in our community and their cause.

ACH welcomes donations, volunteers, and professionals that are interested in promoting A Child’s Haven’s mission by joining the Haven’s Heroes group. Visit their website to learn more and spread the good word about what they are all about.

Rebuild Upstate welcomes donations, volunteers, and professionals that are interested in restoring homes in our community. Visit their website to learn more and spread the good word about what they are all about.

Speak for Animals is an innovative 501(c)3 charitable organization operating in the Upstate who are responsible for tens of thousands of vulnerable animals receiving care through their programs for the last 20 years. Visit their website to learn more and spread the good word about what they are all about.

Contact us today. We are here to help.

Thank you for your interest in Prime Realty.