Prime Realty Real Estate Agent, Lindsay Jasionowski in Greenville, South Carolina

­“You aren’t a number here. You’re a business owner.”

Real Estate Agent Spotlight: About Lindsay

For our second real estate agent spotlight, we are featuring Lindsay Jasionowski. When Lindsay moved from Ohio to South Carolina in 2017, the journey that was waiting for her arrival is not one that even she could have predicted.

Lindsay Jasionowski is our Residential Sales Specialist. Since joining Prime Realty, her line of responsibilities has expanded within the firm. She’s in charge of conducting onboarding training for newly hired agents. To better serve her clients and train our agents like she wanted, she studied to get her broker’s license which has allowed her to become that guide the agents and her clients now look to.

More About Lindsay

During her childhood, Lindsay’s dad owned a construction company where she learned ‘construction speak’ from an early age. Her favorite thing to do as a kid was to visit sites with her dad. Today, Lindsay serves a broad client base, but her early introduction to the industry has allowed her to discover her specialty: Real Estate developers and investors for new construction. Her experience has led her to facilitate deals with investors and high-end clientele.

Before Lindsay moved to the Greenville, South Carolina area, she was a Sous-chef at a quaint Italian restaurant in Ohio. The parallels between the real estate and restaurant industry would soon become apparent to Lindsay after earning her Realtor® license in South Carolina.

We worked in an open kitchen where you couldn’t scream or yell. Communication was done non-verbally most of the time or a simple “yes chef.” With a full house and patrons lining up outside on a cold winter night, for our famous Bolognese, my job was to be aware of everything at once; while focused on that one dish.

I had to time my cooking so that everything came out just right. Ticket after ticket, dish after dish, it all turned into a dance. The patrons were relaxed, enjoying a phenomenal meal, unaware of the “action” going on behind the scenes.

That’s how Real Estate is to me. You must be aware of everything all at once, while ensuring each client receives the five-star experience. I have found that adaptation is key, and well, fun!

Stepping Up By Stepping Down

Sometimes you have to take a step backward to go forward. Lindsay’s a true believer that everything happens when it’s meant to happen. Her transition from her larger brokerage to Prime Realty was not immediate. Although she was highly involved at her larger brokerage, Lindsay continually found herself feeling unfulfilled; partly due to her knowing that she was blinded by her passion to educate others, leaving her business to fall on the back burner.

She stepped down from the brokerage training and instead, joined a team at that same brokerage. When time passes and results still haven’t improved, she was left stumped. She was doing all the things you’re supposed to do as an agent but wasn’t excelling as fast as the agents around her that started at the same time she did. She didn’t know what she needed to change until a previous colleague called and talked to Lindsay about their experience with Prime Realty.

After their discussion, Lindsay learned how this former colleague’s business had grown and why they were genuinely happy. Immediately, Lindsay knew what she had to do. This interaction propelled Lindsay forward into meeting with Prime Realty’s Executive VP of Sales, Margie Lewis.

Take Charge and Take a Chance as a Real Estate Agent

After several meetings, Lindsay decided to transfer her real estate agent license and within the first two months at Prime Realty, she closed a total of four transactions!

I was floored, humbled, and energized! Not only did my sales increase, but I was able to dive headfirst into education. I began to teach new agents, help roll out an exclusive training platform just for Prime agents, and join a leadership team that I could invest my time to help make a difference. Prime is a home; the team is a family.

Lindsay tells agents that are on the fence of initiating their journey at Prime Realty to not think about Prime Realty as just another brokerage, but to think of Prime Realty as a company that’s driven to educate and advance all their agents.

It just goes to show that a persistent approach and a strong work ethic pays off.

Find Your Home With a Prime Realty Agent

Finally, Lindsay found the sense of fulfillment that she had been yearning for. She credits it to the management team at Prime Realty, and appreciates the close knit community she’s discovered among the agents at Prime Realty.

They built this brokerage around the premise that it isn’t their brokerage, it’s ours. Every agent plays an integral role in the success of the company, not just based on sales. Prime has become my home – one that I will never “put on the market.”

Now that you’ve heard Lindsay’s story, are you ready to make a change?

So many Realtors® experience a similar feeling prior to entering the Real Estate Industry. They either don’t believe it’s the right fit for them, or they create excuses as to why they should hold off on pursuing the profession. Rest assured, the agents at Prime Realty are licensed Realtors®. 

Prime Realty focuses on training and education. From the moment our real estate agents are onboarded, they are provided their very own binder with several resources, guidelines, industry practices, and more!

Prime Realty’s B.I.C. and Executive V.P. of Sales personally host training meetings on a weekly basis, host videos on our online training platform, Prime U., and facilitate mentor and mastermind groups to ensure their agents are well-versed in industry standards and practices.

If you are interested in learning more about Prime Realty and what we can do for you as an agent in the greater Greenville, South Carolina area, submit your information on the ‘Join Us’ page of our website. Stay tuned for the next agent spotlight premiering in July.