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In a community like Greenville’s, there are so many people and businesses that want to support their neighbors. Greenville has immense pride in supporting local businesses, being supportive towards members of their community, and in their attractions. Prime Realty is a part of the network of businesses that want to support those that make a difference. A Child’s Haven happens to be a nonprofit organization that does just that. Not only do they aim to strengthen the interpersonal relationships of the family and connect them to available resources in the community, but they also strive to support the caregivers and the efforts necessary to stay employed. 

Prime Realty has decided to give a portion of every transaction to A Child’s Haven throughout the year of 2021, and each agent can match the donation out of their personal earnings.  

Founded 29 years ago in Greenville, South Carolina, A Child’s Haven has assisted in the development of struggling preschool children of the Greenville area with their team of highly trained health professionals. The children admitted into the program have been expelled from mainstream childcare centers for not being able to adhere to the environment. Under their ‘About Us’ tab on their website, it states, “Our unique combination of services provides high-quality childcare combined with behavioral health treatment in a nurturing, and structured environment.” 

Enrolling your child into preschool has been shown to improve the overall capability of the child moving forward. Unfortunately, 26% of children in the state of South Carolina live in poverty. For those families that do not have the means to enroll their child, A Child’s Haven provides three services: Therapeutic Child Care, Individual Therapy and Family Therapy, and Home Visitation. A Child’s Haven teaches the caregivers and the child calming strategies and techniques to properly express their emotions. Limiting the number of times that the child has an outburst keeps the caregiver at work instead of having to travel during their shift, jeopardizing their employment status. According to the data intake on their website, 95% of families reported they are better prepared with the pertinent skills needed to help their child, 96% of caregivers reported they deal with daily challenges more effectively after their involvement with ACH, and 98% of caregivers reported they feel more confident in their parenting abilities. 

Most recently, A Child’s Haven launched the Extended Day Program in 2020. In addition to providing group treatment, they extended their hours to 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. This allows the caregiver to balance their time between work and their child. This stability is essential for the caregiver to remain employed and feel confident that their child is being nurtured. As a result of extending their hours, ACH is now a part of the ABC Quality program and can “accept SC Child Care vouchers from eligible low-income families.” 

A Child’s Haven welcomes donations, volunteers, and professionals that are interested in promoting A Child’s Haven’s mission by joining the Haven’s Heroes group. Visit their website, A Child’s Haven, to learn more and spread the good word of what they are all about.