Here is a list of the more popular neighborhoods in Greenville and a bit more about them, according to Neighborhood Scout:

  • City Center (aka Downtown) This is the heart of Greenville. Downtown is one of the most expensive areas to live in for many reasons. It is very walkable, if you live and work downtown there is really no need to have a car. There are amazing restaurants, access to Falls Park, and grocery store two blocks away from main street. Most downtown condominiums have reserved parking spots for residents (because let us face it, just because downtown is walkable does not mean the rest of the town is), but guest parking is a different issue.  
  • Pelham Rd / Crescent Ridge Dr– This area is also amazing location wise. While it is not as walkable, it is close to the highways and really close to some great shopping! Just a few miles away from Haywood Mall and Woodruff Road where all the major retailers are located. This area has homes suitable for any type of person or family and has options for a broad range of incomes.  
  • Hampton Heights / Forest View– This is the perfect area to live in if you are going to be commuting to Spartanburg for work or are wanting to be in a less populated area. This mostly suburban neighborhood is not super close to a major highway, but it is a short commute to anywhere in town!  
  • Pelham Rd / State Hwy S– While this area is close to both major highways that run through Greenville, it is also considered the retirees dream neighborhood. This area is a wide range of types of homes and is described as “peaceful and quiet.” It is also located close to St. Francis Hospital  
  • E Stone Ave / N Church St– Wonderfully diverse neighborhood with a NEW HARRIS TEETER!! This area has a bit of everything. Good schools, multiple parks, walking distance from Downtown and easy highway access. There are also a variety of restaurants and shops nearby 
  • Laurens Rd / S Pleasantburg Dr– This area is also known as Gower. Gower is the local neighborhood park and pool. Residents in this area (with school aged children) usually live and breathe swim team in the summerIt is very residential, with an awesome park, but also close to the hustle of downtown. It has also recently gained some new restaurants that are really making this area shine!  
  • W Georgia Rd / Fork Shoals Rd– Located about 20 minutes from Downtown Greenville, this area is wonderful if you’re wanting to find a home with land! This area is just far enough away to not feel like you’re in a city, but still be close enough to enjoy the convenience of city life!  
  • S Pleasantburg Dr / Cleveland St– This is the Cleveland Park / Augusta Road area! It is walking distance to downtown (through the Swamp Rabbit trail to Falls Park). It is also where the zoo ilocatedSo, it is SUPER kid friendly, but is not all children living here. There are lots of condominiums and apartments in this area so it there is a wide demographic of who could be your neighbor(They also have a new Harris Teeter close.)