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About Nicole Daterro

Digital Media Strategist
Nicole Daterro digital media strategist at Prime Realty of Greenville

About Nicole Dattero

Digital Media Strategist

Nicole was born in Florida and graduated from Florida State University in 2019. Since earning her Bachelor’s degree in Media Communications with an English concentration in Editing, Writing, and Media along with a minor in communications. Nicole’s aspirations of creating content came from her love of storytelling.

Through her several college internships, editorial and social management positions, and campus organization involvement, she learned how to direct that passion into her studies and hone her skills. Nicole’s goal is to earn her Master’s degree and become a Brand Manager. The first brand she ever encountered, nurtured, and tailored was herself. How? Through expressing and revealing her identity of herself through words, video, and Polaroids. Nicole enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, exploring all Greenville has to offer, like the food scene! Nicole loves being near Paris Mountain and having access to all the amazing state parks and city parks.

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